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A single male inhabitant or native of the town is known in Tashelhit as a gg ugadir (also a common surname, "Gougadir" in French spelling), plural ayt ugadir "men of Agadir" (also collective name, "men and women of Agadir, people of Agadir"); a single feminine inhabitant is a ult ugadir "woman of Agadir", plural ist ugadir "women of Agadir".In Moroccan Arabic, an inhabitant is a gadiri, plural gadiriyin, feminine gadiriya, plural gadiriyat.The oldest cartographic mention of Agadir is on a map from 1325: at the approximate location of the modern city there was an indication of a place called Porto Mesegina, after the name of a Berber tribe already mentioned in the 12th century, the Mesguina, that is to say the Ksima.At the end of the medieval period, Agadir was a town of some notoriety.Assouli said that Monday's verdict should prompt lawmakers to revise Article 483 of the penal code and adopt a law criminalising violence against women.

The city of Agadir's full name in Tashelhit is Agadir n Yighir, literally "the fortress of the cape", referring to the nearby promontory named Cape Rhir on maps (a pleonastic name, literally "Cape Cape").Three languages are spoken in the city: Tashelhit (first language of the majority), Moroccan Arabic, and French.The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960; it has been completely rebuilt with mandatory seismic standards.The name itself, Agadir al-harba, was attested to for the first time in 1510.In 1505, the Portuguese, who were already installed on the Moroccan coast, founded a trading post and a fort at the foot of the hill to the sea, Santa Cruz do Cabo de Aguer on the site of the now-vanished neighborhood of Founti (named after the Portuguese word fonte meaning fountain) under a governor.

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The Agadir international triathlon will host this year the 7th edition of the African cup in a partnership with the African Triathlon Union: the competition is open for all triathletes of all nationalities.

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