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His son, now managed by John Snr, seemed to get over it once he acquired a Mercedes.

Despite what Doyle calls "the bust-up" he remains a staunch admirer of the 20-year-old Scot's play. Those are the things that Higgins has." It was another player managed by Doyle, Nigel Bond, who defeated Higgins in dramatic style in the British Open.

Mrs May told MPs: "We should concentrate our negotiating time and capital on what really matters: the future long-term relationship we will have with the EU after this temporary period ends.“What we are seeking is not just the best possible deal for us but also the best possible deal for our European friends too.“I believe we can prove the doomsayers wrong."Britain is refusing to pay the EU a financial settlement until it gets reassurance on trade talks, meaning that the deadlines for trade talks have now been pushed back to December.

THERE is a kind of force-field around Table One at the Masters Snooker Club, in Dennistoun, Glasgow.

When questioned on whether the financial industry is fearful following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, he said: “I don’t recognise the word fearful. “I think what the industry is all about is looking at global, looking at the future.

Global income over the same period increased 2.5 times, so the link is there.” Mr Campkin explained that free trade is about being able to get the product you want more effectively and Britain needs to “capitalise” on that.

"But being a natural potter doesn't make you the best player in the world. When he missed the crucial snooker in the final frame he had mentally gone.

He threw away the title - but Davis and Hendry have done that and won others. I have no doubt that those major titles will come for John." Doyle is equally convinced that Higgins's talent on the table is not best served by his father's management, citing "enormous" deals offered to the Higgins camp by Doyle's sponsors and turned down.

He's like Stephen in that respect." Like Stephen Hendry, that is.

It is impossible to consider the one without the name of the other cropping up.

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