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2.1.4 Develop mechanisms to implement quality system and monitor functioning of the quality processes by Management Reviews and Internal/External Audits.

2.1.5 Allocation of required resources to implement and verify in a consistent manner the overall performance of the quality system.

• Maximize on the market share and generate higher revenues.

• Develop and provide our services a planned quality, cost and time schedule.

It is specialized in Building construction, general maintenance, small access roads and footpaths and other related contracting works.

It was founded in 2004 with the strong desire and vision to create an industry-leading organization that would push the boundaries of the local construction scene.

Mobadarah Building Contracting will meet the requirements of quality by documenting the necessary quality plans through establishing quality procedures and project quality plans including method statements for project execution, preventive maintenance, inspection and testing, taking into consideration the following: a) Preparation of quality plans tailored to customer requirements.

b) Identification and acquisition of controls, processes, equipment, resources and skills needed to meet the quality requirements.

The main branch is located in Ras Al Khaimah and a branch in Abu Dhabi.

To achieve quality, the company policy is to fully understand the contractual requirements of its customers and to satisfy them speedily and efficiently on each project.

The commitment to quality and the policy of Mobadarah Building Contracting Management is reflected in the company’s policy statement and quality objectives.

Quality Procedures: the directions for implementing a Quality System.

Quality Plan: a document setting out the specific quality practices, resources and sequence of activities relevant to a particular product, service, contract or project.

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The Manual also serves to direct the user from the policy statements to the procedures required to implement the policy.

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