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Unfortunately, the resultant expiration of license agreements has precluded keeping the original songs on current airings, and delayed publishing the series on DVD.The first season was released on DVD, but got around the music licensing by cutting out nearly all the music, and removing scenes that were accompanied by music. Factory announced that they were releasing a box set of the complete original series—with almost all of the original music intact. Several of the more outrageous onscreen moments are actually the most realistic.As such, this show has been the general public impression of the commercial radio business for generations. Hotshot program director Andy Travis (played by Gary Sandy) arrives for his first day of work at WKRP, a small Cincinnati radio station whose "soothing sounds for senior citizens" format ( Beautiful Music, a Muzak-esque concept actually popular at the time) has "catapulted" it to a permanent position at the very bottom of the ratings.You'll also see the best Local sex personals not just locally, but from all over America.

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A revival show aired in syndication from 1991 to 1993; it was aptly titled .

Arthur, Herb and Les were still around, and Arthur Jr. I like to think that a person's name says a lot about the type of person he is.

After encountering the requisite cast of oddballs working at the station, Andy immediately — as in mid-song — throws out the old format and replaces it with Top 40 music, then hires an oddball or two of his own to add to the mix.

Among the ensemble were: The show was originally envisioned as Values Dissonance in action — the "suits" vs.

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