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According to the widely accepted Kurgan hypothesis c.q.

Steppe theory, the Indo-European language and culture spread in several stages from the Proto-Indo-European Eurasian homeland in the Pontic steppes, into Western Europe, Central and South Asia, through folk migrations and so-called elite recruitment.

Several disputed proposals link Indo-European to other major language families.

The similarities between various European languages, Sanskrit and Persian were noted by Sir William Jones when learning Sanskrit in India, concluding that all these languages originated from the same source.

The Anatolian languages have also spurred a major re-evaluation of theories concerning the development of various shared Indo-European language features and the extent to which these features were present in PIE itself.

PIE is thought to have had a complex system of morphology that included inflections (suffixing of roots, as in who, whom, whose), and ablaut (vowel alterations, as in sing, sang, sung).

the comparative method and the method of internal reconstruction) were developed as a result.

Relationships to other language families, including the Uralic languages, have been proposed but remain controversial.Archaeological research has unearthed a broad range of historical cultures which can be related to the spread of the Indo-European languages.Various steppe-cultures show strong similarities with the Yamna-horizon at the Pontic steppe, while the time-range of several Asian cultures also coincides with the proposed trajectory and time-range of the Indo-European migrations. They spread throughout Europe and Asia, forming new cultures with the people they met on their way, including the Corded Ware culture in Northern Europe and the Vedic culture in India.Modern knowledge of these migrations is based on data from linguistics, archaeology, anthropology and genetics.

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The Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) is the linguistic reconstruction of a common ancestor of the Indo-European languages spoken by the Proto-Indo-Europeans.

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