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The statement below that comment must be changed because it identifies the folder in which the Excel workbook will be created. However, ' I have never found an attachment of type Reference or OLE.

All other comments containing hashes suggest amendments to adapt the macro to your requirements.

The original text referenced one question by date which linked to an earlier question.

The first question has been deleted so the link has been lost. Look through the members and note the name of ' any properties that look useful. ' #### You need to add code here to eliminate uninteresting items.

In the second version, I have replaced these codes with the strings [TB], [CR], [LF] and [NBSP] so they are visible. Column Width = 150 End With End With Row Crnt = 2 End With ' Folder Tgt is the folder I am going to search. The value "ol Folder Inbox" can be replaced ' to allow any of the standard folders to be searched. ' #### Change "Xxxx" to name of one of your store you want to access.

If my understanding is correct, I would expect to see the following within the second text body: Activity[TAB]Count[CR][LF]Open[TAB]35[CR][LF]HCQA[TAB]42[CR][LF]HCQC[TAB]60[CR][LF]HAbst[TAB]50 45 5 2 2 1[CR][LF] and so on Extracting the values from the original of this string should not be difficult. ' See Find Selected Folder() for a routine that will search for any folder.

Daily I'll receive around 50-60 mails with one standard subject: "Task Completed".

I have created a rule to all those mail to move to a specific folder: "Task Completed". I referred this [link]stackoverflow.com/q/8697493/1578177, copied whole code into the outlook editor and tried executing those codes, but nothing worked. Since you have not mentioned what needs to be copied, I have left that section empty in the code below. Value = Sender Email Address Row Crnt = Row Crnt 1 .

Reading all 50-60 mails a day and updating all mails is very much time consuming. Also you don't need to move the email to the folder first and then run the macro in that folder.

I would try amending my macro to output the extracted values in addition to the email’s properties.

Only when I have successfully achieved this change would I attempt to write the extracted data to an existing workbook.

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