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It's smooth, sweet, and creamy with grassy citrus notes and a subtle hint of spice every now and again. That said, I would note that, among Va Pers, OGS probably has relatively less perique than some others.

And on special occasions when the pipe tobacco gods are smiling down on me, midway through the bowl the creaminess builds up to the point where it's like sweet butter. Pipe Used: MM Cob, Orlik Prince Regent Age When Smoked: 2 years Purchased From: Beehive Cigars, Salt Lake City, UT Similar Blends: Dunhill Flake, Capstan Blue. All in all, if you like Virginia tobacco or want to learn what it is all about, you couldn't do better than to try OGS.

Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up? You will see no mention of tasting any perique in the blend at all. This is a top notch flake: rich in natural tobacco flavour and aroma, satisfying yet mild enough to be smoked all day. The tiny smidgeon of perique gives Orlik Golden Sliced an added freshness without becoming too noticeable on its own. Finish - Great burned chocolate and leathery toasted nut flavor, spice ever so slowly fades away. Price to Value - Worth way more than what it costs, a top notch tobacco, for the beginner or pro. Pipe Used: Peterson Aran Straight Billiard Age When Smoked: One month Purchased From: I consider Orlik Golden Sliced to be one of the quintessential Va Pers (the other being Solani 633), against which I judge all others.Perique, like latakia, can impart real magic to a blend when used as a condiment. As for the perique debate, I am not qualified to judge, but it seems excessively spicy to be composed entirely of Vas to me. It comes in long flakes that have a strong aroma of licorice, a citrusy/honey taste and considerable sweetness, which are the hallmarks of good Virgina tobacco.Notes: Previous edits to this blend have averred that a dispute exists whether or not Golden Sliced contains Perique. Please note that the website states on its Orlik page that certain of its blends (including Golden Sliced) contain "fully ripe Virginia and a little Perique." Moderator. The topping is mildly citrusy with perhaps a hint of apricot. Leaves very little moisture in the bowl, requires an average number of relights.An easy going all day, uncomplicated mild smoke that doesn't wear out its welcome. I've appreciated Flake tobacco for over forty years.

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