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the "Pera librorum juvenilium" of Wagenseil (Altdorf, 1695), Chevigny's "La science de l'homme de cour d'épée et de robe" (18 vols., Amsterdam, 1752), and Daniel Morhof's "Polyhistor" (Lübeck, 16).

A clearer idea of the proper organic construction of an encyclopedic work is first apparent in J. Gesner's "Primæ lineæ isagoges in eruditionem universalem" (3rd ed., Göttingen, 1786), and J. Sulzer's "Kurzer Begriff aller Wissenschaften" (Leipzig, 1745; Eisenach, 1778).

The most important work for the popularization of the results of scientific research was Bayle's "Dict. The ambitious "Biblioteca universale" of Coronelli (7 vols., Venice, 1701) remained incomplete; the immense "Grosses, vollständiges Universal-Lexikon aller Wissenschaften und Künste", edited by J. von Ludewig, Frankenstein, Longolius, and others and published by Zedler (64 vols. vols., Leipzig, 1731-54), was brought to completion.

560-636), the materials of which were re-arranged and more or less independently supplemented by Rabanus Maurus (776-856) in his "De Universo", by Honorius Augustodunensis in his "Imago Mundi", and by others.historique" (Lyons, 1674); and Hübner, "Reales-Staats-Zeitungs- und Konversations-Lexikon" (1704; 31st ed., Leipzig, 1824-28).As to contents the encyclopedias of this period may likewise be divided into general encyclopedias ( Konversationslexikon ), and technical encyclopedias or dictionaries ( Realwörterbuch or Realencyklopädie ).The way had been prepared, however, by two earlier works, which mark an important advance in the conception of what is proper to an encyclopedia.Both works, but especially the second, exerted a far-reaching influence on the whole intellectual life of the time.

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