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Anyway, I recently spoke to Rumer Willis and Jamie Chung.During the interview, we talked about what they did on set, working with Carrie Fisher, the promotional process, filming in Pittsburgh, and Jamie talks about what she’s had to do for Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch”.However, they discover afterward that Garrett has been receiving the same text messages they have.Ellie suspects that Megan is the killer, believing that she did not actually die and is seeking revenge.Suspicion immediately falls on Garrett, but Chugs insists he's changed after killing Megan.Maggie (Caroline D'Amore), Megan's younger sister, arrives, wanting to honor her sister's memory by attending the party.The girls lower Cassidy down the shaft to make prove that Megan is dead.

However, an unknown figure wielding a tire iron murders them.Back at the now empty sorority house, the girls receive a text from Chugs' cell phone, telling them that she is dead. Searching the house for Jessica's boyfriend, Kyle (Matt Lanter), the girls run into Maggie and their house mother, Mrs. Maggie is horrified when she learns what happened to Megan and, thinking she's the killer, leaves the room to find her and convince her to stop killing.After many failed attempts to shoot the killer in the kitchen, Mrs.At the party that night, Claire's ex-boyfriend Mickey is attacked and murdered by the killer, which Ellie witnesses.Cassidy, Claire, Jessica, and Ellie regroup and all receive a text containing the video of Megan's death and a message telling them to go to the mine shaft in twenty minutes or the video will be sent to the police.

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After finding out that her boyfriend Garrett (Matt O'Leary) has cheated on her, Theta Pi sorority sister Megan (Audrina Patridge) enlists the help of her friends and fellow sorority sisters Cassidy (Briana Evigan), Jessica (Leah Pipes), Ellie (Rumer Willis), Claire (Jamie Chung), and Garrett's sister Chugs (Margo Harshman) to pull a prank on him.

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