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Firstly – and most importantly – it’s gross and he’s probably a nonce. No one wants a man who thinks you’re past your sell by date at 30, nor do you want to constantly be worrying he’s going to leave you for a teenager.You also need to ask yourself why a grown man is specifically attracted to younger women. Know your references A male friend of mine had to end a relationship with his very nice and much younger girlfriend because he found himself constantly explaining things like John Hughes films and Pet Shop Boys.It has its perks and it has its bummer moments, but I think dating up in age is something that women should do at least once in life, even if it doesn’t turn into something serious.Dating an older man can teach you a lot, especially about yourself (and what you do and don’t want in a partner), but it’s not always the easiest of relationships. Just in case you’re thinking of getting serious with a fella quite a few years older or even decades older than you, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind before you get it crackin’.

I’m currently in a relationship with a fella the age of my older sister.

Not doing your due diligence can cause huge problems later. Don’t put any stock in your age I know from experience that other people can be so quick to judge your relationship with an older man that it’s easy to lose sight of what each of you brings.

None of my older boyfriends have ‘worn the trousers’ and, in some cases, I’ve been keener to settle down than him. Because one day you won’t be young and the healthy template needs to already be in place.

Anecdotes become meaningless, and the older party feels constantly as though he’s showing a foreign exchange student around an alien land. Besides, people who don’t know about anything pre 3. If you’re in your early 20s and your man is in his 40s, there’s a chance you may not share the same interests for long, so check that the permanent things are compatible now.

Basic politics (not necessarily party-specific ones – we’re not 14, FFS) are important.

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