Natzis sex camps

The transcriber decided to summarize the discussion instead of noting the men's exact words: " Women Women Women Women." When the people listening in on the conversations took the trouble to transcribe everything that was being said, the talk, predictably enough, revolved around where the best girls were to be had, how much they cost and what other sexual opportunities there were behind the front.

Sometimes he also makes it clear that what he saw or heard disgusts him.

For these men, the charms of life in another country, far away from their wives and children, included exotic food and the excitement of armed conflict, as well as the enjoyment of readily available sex.

It's no accident that many tended to romanticize their memories after the fact.

What is in fact critical is the expectation of discipline that comes from above.

War crimes occur in almost every prolonged armed conflict, as evidenced recently by the photos taken by an American "kill team" in Afghanistan, which shocked the public when the images were published two weeks ago.

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