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I’m left deciding whether to waive my i Phone and buy the t-shirt or just shut up and go home. You certainly put a lot of work into doing that for me each Sunday. But you wouldn’t know it on Sunday morning when I visit your church. I’m sure many churches, maybe even yours, get it right. My experiences with modern worship music in evangelical Christianity often leaves me not just silent, but wondering if I should be joining George Bailey in making a quick exit from the agony. And just when I think that maybe it’s just me having a selfish and sinful attitude — a very real possibility — a flamboyant electrical guitar solo breaks out.Neither depressing nor medical, Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter is more than a story about Alzheimer’s and family caregiving.It is ultimately a life affirming exploration of family relations, aging and change, the meaning of memory, and love.Captions and clever title cards are used to organize events and to add gentle humor.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure the theology in some of those camp songs was more advanced than the ones I’ve heard in some of your services. Yes, there’s a place for repetition in worship — if the words are really that good or pulled directly from Scripture, but even that can be overdone. I confess I don’t have a well-developed strategy for modern worship. I’m just a guy in the pews, a husband, father, and former pastor, frustrated that I just don’t feel like singing by the time the worship music worship your musical talents instead of our musical God.They’re all pulled from the latest Top 40 Worship channel. Most songs I hear in evangelical churches of late have been written in the last decade, if that. But once you went softer and slowed it down on the seventh time, it really began to resonate with my soul. Leave a comment to help point us all in the right direction as we seek to worship God in Spirit and in truth. Unfortunately, truth is not always welcome in the Christian church today.I know I’m painting with a broad brush here because there have been some really, really (is this helping? Yet without it, the church has little reason for existing.This Academy Award-nominated film takes a moving personal story, illuminates it with insight and humor, and makes it universal.In recounting her attempts to come to terms with her mother's advancing Alzheimer's disease, Deborah Hoffmann explores the relationship between mother and daughter, parent and child, and the tenacity of love.

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