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Industrial tourism/FACTORY SHOP/Daimaru Kobe/Hakata Hankyu/JR Nagoya Takashimaya/Basic or General Information/Fukuoka Mitsukoshi/GALLERY NOUSAKU @en/Hankyu Umeda/Marier Toyama/Matsuya Ginza/Nihombashi Mitsukoshi/Palace Hotel Tokyo/Toyama Daiwa We wish you a happy holiday season and joyful New Year 2018.

Last year was memorial year for us since our new office and foundry was opened.

Improved Chang Bogo-class attack submarine KRI Nagapasa (403) delivered to the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) last year.

With collaboration from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), JAPANPAGE is helping to introduce the world to Japan’s finest traditional craft products.

I just don't pick up on it unless you literally say, "Hello, I like your face and body. Don't post a photo of your face that is not your actual face.

I would like to go somewhere with your face and body with the intent to date or have sex with you."Point is, I guess I just always assumed that the traditional meet-cutes of movies and TV were bullshit unless you were super outgoing and out at bars every single night, or if you were a fancy lawyer with no time for dating but then one day your heel gets stuck in a street grate. When I started online dating, it was fantastic in most ways. We all have that one ridiculous angle that makes us look like we're Angelina Jolie in her prime (which was , BTW), and that's great, but if this person can't recognize you when you meet in person because in person you look more like Wednesday Addams, choose another photo. If they make you feel sexy and happy, take 'em every second. You're just starting out, so it's OK to only reveal a little bit because you have no idea who these people are or how this thing works and it's kind of scary!

tax) will receive a NOUSAKU calendar currently sold from January 1st at our retail and online shops in Japan.

Please note that the number of the special gifts is limited and only one per person.

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This atelier was responsible for creating a rare replica of Tamamushi Shrine in 2008.

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