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This whole issue of standing out is actually something worth mentioning because there are a lot of moronic men out there. Whether it’s the ones who can’t string together a few words to hold a simple conversation or the ones that go straight in with a dick pic, sexist or even racist ice breaker, the effect is the same – it somehow tars you into the category that all blokes on dating sites are socially inept bigots or sex pests with no discernible merits. It’s frankly horrible but sadly happens to everyone at some point.

Yet it kinda feels easier to ghost a guy for, well, no reason at all.

Obviously if the date’s a disaster then it’s totally, 100% your fault anyway.

Don’t ever expect to just meet someone on the street or in the pub. Unless you’re starring in a Richard Curtis rom com.

Blokes may be the bane of many a woman’s existence but sometimes it ain’t easy for us either.

(OK, get out the violin after all.) No, this isn’t in any way related to your junk, so get that filth out of your head.

Another thing that feels all too common is the notion of a man paying for dates, especially first ones.Over the years, I’ve heard of guys dating someone and then ghosting them and how horrible it is.Yet when women do it, it’s just something a guy has to deal with and not make a big deal over, even though it’s equally as mean, right?I am in fact referring to the dating pool – the sheer number of people out there in the same position as you, especially if you’re in a big city, can be immensely daunting. Take London; the nation’s biggest, busiest, and probably loneliest city when it comes to dating.There are so many people out there looking for love (or lust or whatever else), it’s easy to get overlooked and fly under some sort of blanket f***boy radar. It seems there’s a huge imbalance on dating sites and it goes a little something like this: Women can get hundreds of messages each day whereas men are lucky to get a couple a week.

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It’s outdated and if there’s anyone out there still under the illusion that a man should be funding their date as well as their own night out, it’s time to wake up and smell 2017.

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