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Stage play: "Other Desert Cities" (by Jon Robin Baitz, directed by Joe Mantello)-playing "Trip Wyeth", at the Booth Theatre (Broadway), New York.Other stars include: Stockard Channing, Rachel Griffiths, Stacy Keach and Judith Light.The film never quite hits the comic bull's eye, but it starts out on a positive note with many funny and entertaining moments.The characters are never well-developed, and it's obvious that Landis was leaning towards a dark farce, but I let that slide at first. I'm a man and I'm not offended by female nudity; in fact, I enjoy it.Song writer Mark Devereaux accidentally calls millions of green Martians to invade Earth.No they aren't dangerous, just wise-cracking, intrusive, pain in neck, annoyances. See full summary » Susan wants her reprehensible ex-husband dead and, in several bungled attempts by henchmen, tries to accomplish the deed. Then she hires a former biker boyfriend to smother him in the hospital where he is recuperating from the first attempt.Earnest wants nothing more than to get back with his ex-wife Portia, who, though she still loves Earnest, can't forgive him for the past.

He's a former ladies' man who traded in his player's card for a wedding ring, and is deeply in love with and married to Aspen, a news reporter.

Sin City Diaries will follow concierge expert Angelica (played by actress and super model Amber Smith, LA Confidential - American Beauty.) From her high-rise office overlooking the Strip, ...

See full summary » "Lingerie" is a sexy new cable series featuring an ensemble cast of beautiful people who design, photograph and model lingerie in New York City's fashion industry. See full summary » The scandalous lives of Liz and Michael, a cop and a lawyer who meet in a near-fatal coincidence.

Towards the end, the one-joke premise is stretched to the point where we're watching a series of violent dream sequences, which get quite repetitive. Dan Aykroyd looks cool as a snide, tough-guy biker dude. But for all women who are offended by the "degrading of females" in countless motion pictures will probably croak on this one.

The film loses all focus, and the audience is given the run-around. Those who saw Landis's landmark comedy "Animal House" know his tendency to insert gratuitous nudity to catch the attention of his male viewers, but in that film it better fit the tone. I don't know if it was exactly necessary to show Thomas Haden-Church doing Lara Flynn Boyle doggystyle.

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