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No request for re-appraisement can be entertained after the articles have been removed from customs custody. — From London Bridge, across the Channel to Boulogne. of the Madeleine (Magdalen), and then follow the line^ of the grands boulevards to the Place de la Bastille. Boulevard means bulwark ; and these fine streets were called so l»ecause they are on *^« old fortificationa. 178 19'owadays- the term is loosely applied to any large new avenue. The exterior boulevards run from near the Arc de Triomphe, at the Ternes, around to the quays of Bercy on the Seine, through La Villette and Belle- ville, the workmen's quarters. The Boulevards du Strasbourg, S^bastopol, Du Palais, and St. A walk from one end to the other is extremely interesting. was converted into a " Teniiji/ of Heason." During the Commune it was a militai* depot. The interior, with its nav* and double aisles, is majestic. The Palais de Justice is open daily, except Sundays ; and here most of the Courts of Justice may be visited (guide, 1-2 fr.). Inside are admirable and extensive rescos by the celebrated Flandrin; ancient monu- leuts \n choir and nave. The Pavilion de Flore and the Galleey on the Seine bank unite the Louvre with the 178 PALAIS DU LUXEMBOURG. Fine sculptures by Cavelier and Carpeaux, The courtyard is the Place du Carrousel. It was once a royal habitation, a prison during the Revolution, the palace of the Directory and the Consulate, and is now the meet- ing-place of the Senate of the Republic. The Lillle Luxembourg y supposed to have been built by Marie de M6dicis, is near by. In the garden, where military music is played on Sum., Tues., and Thurs. The Museum (open daily, 9-5) is the best in Beldum : 700 paintings here, with many Rubenses and Van Dycks (catalogue, 8^ f r.). The new Bouleyards, on the site of the walls; the yast docks, quays, and warehouses; the Park : and the statues of Rubens, King Leopold I. Beyond the Buitenhof vou reach tlie gloomy Gevangenport tower, where De "^Vitt was slain in 1672. Maurice (Hotel du Simplon; des Alpes), This is a very old town with a 4th century abbey, enshrining rare curiosities; a stalactite grotto; and picturesque fortifications. Martigny {H, Clere; De la Oare; National; Mt, Blanc; St, Bernard) is starting point of the routes over the Simplon (to Lake Maggiore) and the Great St. Or by Julier and Bemina Paues, Coire to Sarna- 4len, Tirano, and Colico, whence ateamer to Como^ ^md rl J. The voyage is usually about 10 hrs, t^'-The people at the Hotels often do not warn you of the approach of the steamers. ; time by ordinary trains, 16 hrs.; fares, 321 r., 171 r., 104 r. It is better to go to Madrid- first ; then to make the Toledo visit a round-trip excur^ fiion of one day. We x-ecommend the tourist to devote his chief attention to the museum ; then, if his time permits, to include the other edifices and collections of Madrid.Baggage intended for delivery at another port may l)e forwarded thereto upon application, without the assessment of duty at the port of arrival. — From Dover to Ostend , for those going to Belgium. You may go on an omnibus-top for 8 sous, or in an open carriage for 1 fr. You yosa up the boule- vards — Des Capucinea (this is in mid -Paris; here are the Grand Hotel, the Opera, the Grand Cafe, the Jockey Club, and the Eue Scribe) ; Des Italiem (brilliant with theatres and restaurants) ; Montmartre (splendid caf^s and shops) ; Foissoni^re ; Bonne-Nouyelle ; St. Martin ; Du Temple ; Des Fillet du Ca U miiy ; Beaumarchais^ — and you are at the Bastille, il e. Michel form a continuous avenue from the Eastern Rlj. A visit to one of the ** cabarets artistiques," which have recently sprung up in Montmartre, is well worth while. Most of the sculptures were broken at th6 time of the Revolution. Many famous prelates are buried in the choir-chapels. It takes its name from a carousal, or ball, held there by Louis XIV. The Tr iuiuphal Arch which stands here is an imitation of the^Arch of Severus at Rome, and was erected by Napoleon I. It was originally crowned with the horses taken from the portal of St. in Venice, but these were sent back to Italy by the Emperor Fran- cis in 1814. long, which extends to the Pl ace de la Concord e, and in summer is a delightful resort thronged with people. The collections were (until 1875) next in importance to the Louvre. afternoons, there is a nne fountain, and statues of celebrated Frenchwomen. The famous galleries, which now form such a charming Eromenaae, and are filled with attractive shops, were uilt by Philippe-Egaliti. In the Willems-Park is the grand Na- tional Monument (built 1863-69), covered with statues. On the Noordeinde is the Royal Palace, and the old Mu^ seum of King IFilliam II. In the cemetery are buried Niebuhr the liis- toriau, Schlegel, Robert Schumann, Amdt, and Yon Buusen. Bernard (to Aosta), and over the passes to Chamounix. \/ The Museo del Prado contains vast and absolutely cinrivalled collection of the works of the old masters, but they are not* very well arranged. 427 great care may be had at the booksellers', or at the museam.Each person is entitled tfi bring in fifty cigars or three hundred cigarettes for his own use. The English held Calais from 1347 to 1558, when France regamed possession. We cannot itf^ntion ono* third of the principal cafes, but will recommend tho KJafe Anglais, Tortoni, Chand^ Americain, Hdder^ Madrid, Eiche, Varietes, De Paris, Napomain. Note the curiously carved figures of men and animals on the roof. ])lanted his cannon, and blew the French Kevolution into space ; vide Carljle. — The brilliain new Russian Ch., near the Pare de Monceaux. of the Seine, a vast and richly decoratej^r ch., with towers 230 ft. long, 130 wide, and 100 high, surrounded by Corinthian columns. Augustin, Boulevard Malesherbes, contains many fine paintings. The central portion of this front is known as the Pavilion Henri Quatre, See statues of Napoleon I.'s generals on the Rohan Pavilion, The interior courtyard is an architectural marve L See the 86 colossal statues of illustrious frenchmen in the Square du Louvre. The Hoogstrcuxt^ the Wihemskade, the new quay, are worth seeing. The Museu m (open free dauy, 9-3 ; Sat., 10-1 ; catalogue, 50 c.) contains the very best examples of the Dutch school of art, and many other celebrated paintings, — P aul JPotter 's faiiipua Bull, T^embcand^s^Sch ool of Anatomy , the • Presenta- tion in the Terffp Tc T'efc. is a statue of JFtl- ii Offrt As^Sil^fi^C^^^^)* 111 the Buitenhofy statue of William II. Vienna to Venice, by the Bemmeiing; idl rly., by JBnich and Yillach, thron^h magnificent scenery. Gibraltar {Royal; Bristol; Grand; Europa) is a city situated cii a slope on ilie W. At summit is an unfinished tower, called O Hard's or St, George^s, It was intended to be sufficiently high to enable the sentinels to overlook the Bay of Cadiz and see the movements there.All cigars and cigarettes in excess of this number and less than three thousand are liable to seizure, but in meritori- ous cases may be released by the payment of a fine tequal to the duty and the internal revenue tax. Mary Tudor said the name Calais would be found writ- ten on her heart. of Notre Damsy with a pic- ture by Rubens; the Hotel de Ville, on the Flace SArmes ; the old Guet Tower; and the Hotel de Guise (Tudor style), built by Edward III. The Hotel Lessin is mentioned in Sterne's Sentimental Journey. The Quais; the i W; the old fishers' town; the ancient Forte des Dunes, witli a statue dated 1231 ; the clumsy Cathedral of Notre Dame; the Chateau (1230), wliera Jjouis Na- poleon was confined in 1840 ; the Hotel de Fille ; and the great Sea-Bathing Establishment, merit notice. Havre (Hdtel Frascati / De Bordeaux; Aigle repared and moderately cheap. In the Bois, restaurants : Pavilion d Armenonvi Me, la Cascade, Madrid. The effect of the flying buttresses below is very strik- ling. — Notre Danie de Lorettey Rue de Chateaudun, is tbo ch. The Trinite, Place of same name; new (1867), very elegant and ricli. In the uolonnade are niches containing figures of saints. The pediment, 120 X 25, represents the Last Judament. —Tlie Chapelle Expiaioire, Rue d'Aujou, is to the memory of Louis XVI. The entrance to the Museums, which are among the richest and most remarkable in Europe^ is through a door on the 1., coming from the I Cour du Louvre, under the Sully Pavilion, and through ' the Pavilion Denon, in the midole of the N. Regular departures for all the great ports of the world. rp HB tourist may yery pleasantly and profitably ^ spend 2-3 days in Holland. The Museum (open daily, 11-3 ; i fr.) has fine examples of Rembrandt, Rubens-, Durer» Wouvermans, and Ary Scheffer. Opposite the Royal Palace, equestrian atatue of Prince \Yilliam I. In 1704 the English fleet, sustaining the rights of the Archduke Charles of Austria to the crown of Spain against Philip V. cations of which were then in ruins an*^ occupied by a P SPAIN. The town was taken, and although in the name of the archduke, England thought it proper to keep it.In order to expedite the inspection and to facilitate your departure from the pier, you are requested to answer fully the questions of the acting deputy collector at the time of taking your declara- tion. The Ghneralife was the pleasure house of the A.lhatnbra.A failure to frankly answer is likely to arouse xxviii A CHAPTER ON TRAVEL -suspicion, and to cause a minute scrutiny of your baggage and consequent delay. But little remains of it except a few arcades and some beautiful arabesques.The senior member of a family may include all the members thereof in his or her declaration. 60c.) passing the ruined castle of Vogogna; Ornaw Mo^ with it castle of the Visconti, and the quarries whence Milan Cathedral was hewn ; Orave Uona ; through the valley •of the Strona to Omegna at the N. Thence along the shore of the lake, beautiful Tiews, to Oo2zano ; through the valley of Hie Agogna 4o Novara, whence Mi Um can be reached by rly. Diligence from Gravellona to Pa Uanta, on Lake Haffffiore (6 M.; 1 hr.; 1 1., outside, ! Li one of the few halls which are still covered with a roof, there is a series of smoky portraits of the Kings of Spain, which have only a chronological merit.State the exact number of pieces of baggage in which your effects are contained. On this route is Schiedam, renowned for its distilleries (see E6tel de Ville and Exchan^ge); and p^lft (B.6tel Lubrechis), i a very ancient Dutch town, once famous for porce- ^ lain, but now dull and dignified. "From the Tower of the Generalife," says a French writer, " you fancy that you can touch the Sierra Nevada, so pure and limpid is the air through which you see that moun- tain chain." There are a great many beautiful excur- sions in the neighborhood of the Alharabra, but to enjoy them one must remain in the vicinity at least a week.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. of Madonna del Sasso, on the hill, visited by myriads of pilgrims. hence to Bellinzona, whence diligence over the Splii^^en. See pictures in Public and Roiyal Palaces (9-3 daily) ; German-Lombard Cathedral, with rich fapade and mterior crowded with frescos ; Torrazzo (1261-84), a tower 397 ft. Galileo was a professor ; Dante, Petrarch, and Tasso were students. Taine calls it an Italian-Gothic building, decorat;ed with Byzantine cupolas, in which round domes, noble Greek towers, little columns surmounted by ogival arcades, a facade borrowed from Roman basilicas, and notions copied from Venetian palaces mingle the ideas of several centu- ries and countries. — THE ALHAMBRA The Royal Chapel was built to reoeiye the remains of Ferdinand and Isabella, and here are their tombs. Beyond this lie the groves and th a gardens which su i Tound the Alhambra. The Filar de Car- los v., ornamented with statues ; the Fuerta de Juido, ( or Door of Judgment ; the Flaza de los Algibes, or) Place of the Cisterns ; the Fuerta del Fino ; the Palace] of Charles V.^ a fine Renaissance structure, but un- finished.When packing your baggage for your return trip it would be well to prepare a list of articles so pur- chased, with the prices paid for each. Daily service.— From J-ondon, via Queensbormgh , to Flushing daily. Calais {Hotel Terminus ; Londrea ; Scmvage) may be seen in 2-3 hrs. 90c.) to Rotterdam (Moos; Leygraaf; Weimar; Coomans; de Hollande; de V Europe; Victoria) ^ the second city in Holland (200,000 inhabitants). Rot- terdam builds many ships; has a heavy trade with Java and Sumatra, and steam Hues to London and other Atlantic ports ; and is a ^reat point for the departure of emigrants for America. The statue of Erasmus stands in the Groote* Markt; and on the house which was his birthplace is the inscription, Scbc estpai'va domus, maanua qud natua Erasmus, The New Park is W. Walk along the Haas, noting the peculiar costume of the peasantry and the singular neatness of the houses. In the Nieuwe Eerk (1412-76) is the magnificent/ Mausoleum of William of Orange, l ^he Hagve (Hdtel Bellevue; c^lndes; de V Europe; Vteiix JJoelen ; Central) , beautifully situated ( Oude Doelen), the capital of Holland (156,000 inhab X^s 214 THE HAGUE. in summer one of the most cbarming places in Europe. from Vienna to Trieste, and steamer thence to Venice. Malaga {Boma, on the Alameda; Jko^c U Victoria; Paris; Jnglaterra, second class, but good), with 136,000 420 MALAGA. The Episcopal Palace, the (Xfy Hall, the new Custom House, the Theatre, which can contain 2,000 spectators, the vast Bull Bt M, which holds 10,000, are not architecturally remariable. All through this country grow wheat, oats, olives, all kinds of truit: orange, lemon, and fg trees are abun- daut.If these articles are so placed in your trunks that you can eas Ujr find and exhibit them for appraise- ment, much time and inconvenience will be saved. The Citadel (1560); the Fortes Moyale, du Havre, and de la Mer; the old bastion called Le Courgaifiy are very curious. Jacques, wonderfully decorated with paintings by Mignard 'JBt, Sulpice, S. La Sor bonne, adjoining the great university ^ ^contains the Tomb of Cardinal Richelieu, i The Madelein e, the most beautiful edifice in Pari*^ is In the style of a Greek temple, 330 ft. The Maas is here navigable for the largest ships; and the scene on the quay is very animated. The canals are bordered with trees, and the suburbs are pleasing. It nestles in a de Hghtful forest, where all the charade r- istics of Dutch scenery — mossy trees, green banks, and winding brooks and canals — appear. The Al- cazaha is an ancient fortress which antedates the Arabic occupation. Try and time your visit to Granada so as to onnecl with the steamer going to Gibraltar. c xclusive Oi tlie i LLglisli garrison of 6,000 men. A narrow read co Luects the mainland with the rock, and this is guarded by batteries. ' is full of excavations, and out of every one looks the mouth ci a cannon.Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Also Basilica, or Palazzo del Ckmsiglio, grand open arcades around town-hall; Barbarano, Tiene, and Valmarauo palaces; and Palazzo Chiei^egati, in which is Civic Museum (9-5 daily), with many paintings, etc. Its foundation is attributed to Antenor, after the siese of Troy ; and in the Augus- tan age it was the chief oitj of North Italy. and Attila both sacl^ed it ; and it was Venetian, 140^ 1797. — Florian; Smezero; Spscchi; Qvadri^ Giardino Eeale, — all on or near Piazza of St. luteiior has 5 naves, supported by 20 enormous pillars, formed of columns grouped togetner. The Capilla del Pilar is filled with beau- tiful marbles.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. to Locarno (firand Hotel Lucarno; Corona; Svizzera), in the Swiss Canton of Ticino, to which the upper part of the lake belongs. See Palazzo della Bagione, very rich Gothic ; Oreat Tower ^1446) ; palaces around Piazza de* Sianori ; quaint old bridge, riva Uing the Rialto ; du U Gothic Cathedral; S. In Hth century, Padua had more artists ths K any city (Giotto, eta). The passage by night seems a flight between sea and sky. ~ Grand H6td Bmal Danieli , in Palazzo Dandolo; Europa, fn il'alazzo Oiustlniani; Britannia^ Vittoria; Orand; San Marco; Italia; 8, Oa Uo; Luna^ Bellevue; Pension Suisse; D* Ang Uterre ; Caldna r Vapore. See the group of " Charity " in the Sala Capitular, the work of Torngiani, the Florentine artist, vko was the rival of Michael Angelo.

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